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I am a nursing aide who has worked for Sutter for 6 years. While my patients and coworkers have kept me motivated, I have found that CPMC and Sutter management just doesn't get it.

They think we won't picket for 7 hour shifts when we are on our feet for 8 hours in substandard working conditions. Because we make less than other hospitals we are often on our feet for 16 hours when we work a double. 7 hours and more is no problem!

Yesterday (Wednesday 21) we received "Dear Valued Employee" letters telling workers they can get their pay checks for pre-strike work at the security office of the Bank. They claim this is for quality patient care.

If I am a valued employee why don't I have a contract that is the industry standard.

If quality patient care is so important why do evening shift nursing aides have between 14 and 18 patients a night--not including revolving door discharges and admits.

The vital signs we perform might be considered minor to some but cardiac medications can not be administered with out them, chemotherapy reactions can be first displayed by unusual vital signs. And Blood transfusion reactions--potentially fatal but thankfully rare, can show up in extremely high temperatures. If you are running between 18 patients (somebody's loved ones) there is the fear that you might miss something really important.

With the aging population it has become increasingly difficult to provide incontinence care, assist the visually impaired and walk with patients that have an unsteady gait. We can not watch 18 grandmothers and grandfathers at the same time and yet we are expected to do just that.

People have been in good spirits on the picket line. we have been finding out that "it isn't just me", a lot of information about short staffing has been exchanged. People who never knew we worked for a richer hospital but paid less are now fully informed.

And thanks to cell phones, we get calls from the inside. We know it recently took one replacement 4 hours to do one round of vital signs (not the usual 60-75 min), we know about about garbage piling up until $45 an hour RNs pick it up. And the RNs are are now finding out why we are on strike.

All of the guards in the world can't stop cell phones and email.

I wish Sutter would actually listen to us, we could help so many people. But if you push a broom or hold a bed pan you are invisible. You know the type.

Sutter open your eyes or better yet your minds.

Sutter Just Say Yes!!!

emily stone

well, i have to say that resolve is pretty high after working my first pm/night shift. i worked for 6pm until 12:30 in the am and have to say that i think that this is where you really see to what lengths people are willing to go. standing out there in the cold with the wind blowing your picket sign and trying to get a response from the passing motorists in the dark is definately not an experience for the weak and timid. the good news is that there seemed to be much more positive responses from people than in the past. more honks, thumbs up and support from nurses and other staff than ever before. we still dont have the one support we really need though... a contract. so lets see more support from general public and less support from our employers. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
again we are not asking for that much... just signing the contract that the federal mediator proposed. hellooooooooo
how hard can it be. LETS STOP THIS NONSENSE so we can go back to work and give the patients the good care the need, desearve and used to get. sutter the ball is in your court whether you like it or not. now close the deal and sign the mediators proposal!!!

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