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I too sense that Sutter is on the defensive, with all the slick advertising I see in the mail and in the newspaper. Why do they think it's about public relations and putting a shiny smile on things ? That will not cut it.

Ya'll should find a way to publicize your "contribute to a striker/strike fund" site. A lot of people in the area would contribute.

dave tamo

14 more former Military Mercenaries hired CPMC security agents were fired for not having proper paperwork to conduct security details in California in addition to extensive criminal records. These security agents were obtained through Soldier of fortune magazine.

Rebecca Swan

I am a disabled person and a writer. Thank you for all you do. Keep on keepin' on - for all of us!


brenda altman

Now they have the police to hassle strike supporters. I drove by the CPMC California Campus on Saturday morning and customarily honked my horn, I was pulled over by the police and given a lecture on my immature support of the strikers. Hey the cop said do you know what its like to try to get a good nights sleep in the hospital. I was under the impression that the California Campus had no overnight beds but I only my past experience to rely on as a patient there so I did not want to refute his assertion that there were overnight patients at the facility.

He said I was committing a nuisance and that my honking would do nothing to resolve the strike.

He basically said that the strikers were causing unnecessary hardships for the patients and the neighborhood. I did not want a ticket but I said that it was CPMC's problem too. He continued to side with law and order and had no sympathy for the strikers at this point.

Well he didn't give me a ticket and I promised to be a good girl and not honk. He probably felt smug and superior for having that discrectionary power over me.

You know if the police were on strike I would be the first to support them.

Management always hopes that with intimidation and stonewalling that you will go away. Keep the faith if you don't hear my horn honking I am still behind you 100%.

Brenda Altman
neighbor; patient; strike supporter

emily stone

thank you for the continued support brenda... nice to hear

marie delloue

hey, guys
a great article in the bay guardian this week, very supportive of us and organized labor in general.....a must read to cheer us up.
the davies' rally tonight was really hot, infusing all of us, i hope, with renewed determination.
i have not been on the line for the past weeks, due to being a new grandma and having to help my daughter who, unfortunaly, had complications....
i will be back soon though, but may be sutter will give in before that...
in the hope of, i wish you all good picket line days.....marie delloue

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