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I was not able to go to the meeting able to go to the meeting at City Hall but saw the telecast on TV because I had to pick up the kids. My first thought was disgust because CPMC reps or Brotman did not show up. Told one of the supervisor that he was going to get back to him on Friday. Well that is yet to be seen.He had a year to make a decision already.Hope he makes the right by just saying yes.Tired of the twisted stories that the union will not come to the bargaining table. Its time for Sutter to get the story straight.Union been waiting a year.So Sutter come to the table.Also during the telecast of the meeting heard the horror stories of patients have to put up with.Patients are already sick they don't wanna get sicker after they get admitted to the hospital. And the story of the sharps being in the garbage and garbage men not picking it up good for them!Maybe Sutter come to realize as they say in the commercial "Were with you for Life"Well if that's the way you like your life to be. Scab workers taking care of you and your loved ones. That's not life I would want. Sutter just say Yes so the good workers of CPMC can take care of the community the right way and maybe that Were with you for life actually mean something

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