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A friend of mine does a folk song that I think you would be interested in hearing. I used it with a peace rally video, check it out, it takes about 4 minutes to download.


Best, Mark

emily stone

hi guys,
just wanted to talk a little about my day "on the line", or should i say my day off the line. after signing in and picketing for a little while a large group of picketers went down to city hall to a hearing on the strike with the board of supervisors and the option for public comments. 3 vans of people rolled in only to find that the hearing was delayed and we had to wait for the previous hearings ... and i mean wait!.... we finally got in the chambers after 2.5 hours. as an east bay resident, i had never been in city hall before and it was a beautiful old building... but now back to the hearing. the hospital did not care enough to send anyone but a peon flunkie with no decision making power at all. she basically lied and spoke the sutter line like it had been rehearsed for hours... never mind that it was a bold face lie and that it pissed off both the union crowd and the board of supervisors who basically told her to quit wasting their time with lies. there were very few friends of sutter there,though. mostly neigbors who had complained about the noise level "in the hood". i do understand how hard it must be for them with the constant chanting and noise, but what i dont understand is peoples uncanny ability to blame the picketers for this. it is true that we are making the noise, but what else is there. we have tried every other avenue to get a decent contract!!! and none of them have worked... mostly due to sutters complete disregard for our situation and really, the situation of the paitents,our coworkers etc. it is clear they dont care and they could have had this over with long before now. they could also do things that would make the strike more pallatable to their neighbors...like not bring the scab busses in at 6 am! ...like they think their wont be any loud picketing if they bring them in in the early morning...please....
basically yesterday was a lesson in how indiffent sutter and cpmc management is to our plight, the neighbors plight and the plight of the patients!!! the other thing that was especially moving for me was the 4 nurses who got up and spoke about the decaying conditions in there and how much they appreciate the work of their coworkers. i wish i could have thanked them personally, but they left before i could talk to them. see ya later!

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