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nurse inside

I am working at cpmc as an rn - and I have worked at St Mary's where they also have lvns and cnas and rns working together as a team - that is why the workload is not as heavy as at cpmc...the newer grads these days are taught to delegate rather to participate in patient care as a primary caregiver so the load falls to the cnas which is not fair. I agree there should be a committee within the hospital to help alleviate dumping syndrome on our fellow workers. I think this is an issue that could have been resolved on the individual floors if enough people voiced their concerns(with support from the rns- not an easy one to get)I do not agree with the open ended strike that does not involve benefits but I am very,very proud of the solidarity of my coworkers. We have the best pcas in cpmc on my unit(the most professional I have ever worked with- anywhere) and they know who they are. The scab workers cannot hold a candle in their place. Work is harder now and we have keep telling these guys what to do instead of just knowing stuff will get done. I doubt if I can say "just say yes "to Jack Bailey because it is obvious he won't but GET BACK TO THE TABLE JACK!!!!!!My coworkers deserve this and cpmc deserves to once again provide the care it is known for. I have been nervous to post as I am not sure what management would do but they put a flyer out that said they follow the laws enforced by the National LAbor Relations Board - free from any form of intimidation. So I am trusting in this. Guys Hang IN There!!! There are nurses who care about what is going on outside. I sure hope this ends soon.

emily stone

i read with interest the note from the "nurse inside" and would like to thank her or him for the support. it is wonderful to hear from you! we cannot go inside and see for ourselves, what is going on, but i am sure it is as you say. how could it be anything else. i would also like to take this opportunity to thank the 4 nurses who took the time to go to city hall and tell the supervisors and the mayor what it was really like during the strike. i was not able to reach them after they talked and did not know their names, so was not able to thank them in person like i would have liked to. if by chance any or all of you read this blog. please come to the line and say hi. i just cant tell you how great it is to have your support. thank you thank you thank you...

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