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First, Sister [and brothers], courage! When the people you once cared for miss your presence, you know your cause is righteous and that your bravery is virtuous. I'm a man who's moved down and down..the next stop is living in my truck, but at least I have a truck and I have my dignity as a worker. If I could send you food and laughter and warmth and wine, I would. But all I have is these few verses from an old union hymn about a murdered and slandered union organizer, Joe Hill :

And standing there as big as life,
And smiling with his eyes
Joe says "What they forgot to kill
|: Went on to organise." :|

"Joe Hill ain't dead" he says to me,
"Joe Hill ain't never died
Where workingmen are out on strike
|: Joe Hill is at their side." :|

From San Diego up to Maine,
In every mine and mill,
Where workers strike and organise,
|: Says he "You'll find Joe Hill

Remember: you are part of the strong, unbroken chain that unites more than a hundred years of workers facing down greedy bosses.... be proud, look to the past in order to see your future... dream the dream and live it on the picket line. Sleep well, brothers and sisters.

Yours in solidarity,

Steve Woodring [not yet sleeping in his truck]


Thank you everyone for sharing your stories--you are an inspiration. May you stay strong and persevere.

In solidarity from Kentucky and spreading the word.

emily stone

i am moved by the support and comments from all over the united states. thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
emily stone
uhw west striking worker


Solidarity from far away!


Gregg Libbey

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters;

Just a note to tell you how proud I am of you all. It's so hard to stand up for what's right when few in the outside world seem to care, but when Unions "win" we all win. As the President of local 1376 of the American Postal Workers Union, Suffolk, Virginia, I want you to know we stand with you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Your families and communities too. We know Union members are Fathers and Mothers,Little League coaches and Den Mothers, Sunday school teachers and Neighborhood watch leaders. We ARE the fabric of this great Nation and all we ask for is a living wage, decent working conditions and respect as human beings. Just the fact that we have to ask for these things that seem so obvious is a testament to how far we have yet to go before we fully reach the promise of this wonderful home we call our own, America. My hope is that just for a moment these words will lighten your load as you continue the struggle, "our struggle".

Peace be with you all

Gregg Libbey


I grew up in West Virginia and have always had the utmost respect for the coal miners who went on strike for safer working conditions.

It is because of the ordeal they went through that I never cross a picket line.

My thoughts are with you all and I wish you the best of luck.


Best of luck and solidarity from Brooklyn, NY. Word is spreading. You are the backbone of America, and America supports you.

Stay strong,

Sephia Nava

I would like to say that, even though i may not be in the ranks of the union anymore, i believe in what you are striking for and you have my support. My prayers are with you all and never give up hope,,,I may not be a Union member anymore, But its in my heart!!!Huggsssss to All..
Past L250 Member-Sephia Nava


Sephia! How great to hear from you! Thanks for standing with us!


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